Founded in 2021, Manbat is a partnership between Arada and the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment that aims to celebrate and promote the very best of the UAE’s healthy, home-grown produce. The partnership took root with the launch of Manbat farmers’ markets at Aljada, Sharjah’s fastest-growing destination, in early 2021. Manbat markets now take place every weekend at multiple venues across Dubai and Sharjah during the cooler months of the growing season.

What’s New

The Manbat Store has opened at Aljada

The very first Manbat Store is open daily from 8 am to 12 am at Areej 6 in Aljada. Treat your family to farm-fresh fruit and vegetables, raw honey, dates, nuts, sugar-free spreadable chocolate and premium coffee beans. Enjoy freshly prepared smoothies, cappuccino and juice from our stations as you browse. We’ve even got our own on-site hydroponic farm for wholesome produce – pay us a visit and see for yourselves!

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